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    Hello I am trying to install FTDI VCP driver on the NETDCUA5 Configuration Windows CE6, Eboot 1.4, Nboot PVN13, kernel v2.06-Build Jul 28 2016 But the VCP is not detected and no COM are created If I tray to plug an USB stick or a mouse they are detected correctly Doing the same installation on NDCU10 was working fine 2 com are created (COM4 and COM5) Could you give me some advice or check if this driver is working on NETDCUA5 ? Thanks & regards Xavier

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    t4science - - NetDCUA5 - NXP Vybrid


    Hello I have migrated from NDCU10 to NDCUA5 and now I would like to use the SPI on pin 2,3,4,6 When I read the documentation of the NSPI driver it is mentionned that it can be use in combination with the GPIO SPI driver Do you provide such GPIO SPI driver? Thanks & regards