Linux, Picocom1 and Advice

      Linux, Picocom1 and Advice

      I have been evaluating the PicoCom1 and as I am not as skilled in Linux as I am in Windows, I would appreciate it if anyone could offer advice on the following:-

      We have an existing product that needs a small PicoCom1.
      We would like it to interface to a third party USB device that only has drivers for Red Hat 4/5. We have been told that someone has got it working in Ubuntu too.
      Also, we have some precompiled libraries that work ok in Red Hat and Ubuntu (that do some clever authentication) and I am wondering if the version of Linux on the PicoCom1 would run these too.

      So, is it possible to apply drivers that work on a desktop Linux to the Emlix Pico Linux?
      Is it possible to recompile the application (that uses precompiled libs) on the Emlix Pico Linux?

      Many thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated as If we can solve these issues, we will roll our product out with the PicoCom. This could mean having to purchase them in thier 000's...


      Re: Linux, Picocom1 and Advice

      This definitely won't work. These boards have a completely different CPU architecture (x86 vs. ARM). No precompiled x86-code from a PC can run on an ARM-Core like the PicoCOM1. If you don't have drivers in source code or at least binary drivers especially for ARM architecture, then you're out of luck.


      H. Keller
      F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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