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      VS offers a remote registry editor but you have to save registry via ndcucfg or an other "reg save" tool (e.g. use RAPI for save registry like "WinNDCUCfg" , see ... tools.
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      Re: Remote Registry Editor


      I have looked into RAPI for setting registry and I am confused with this post. The registry is quoted as being flushed in MSDN when you perform a CeRegClose Key, this is the quote:-

      The CeRegCloseKey function always writes information to the registry before returning, eliminating the need to flush keys in the Windows Embedded CE registry.

      BUT if I cycle the power the registry settings are lost????

      I have already setup registry editing locally and just perform a RegFlushKey and the registry changes are saved. Can someone from f&s confirm the behaviour with rapi as it currently does not perform to MS spec.

      MS also contradicts the statement of rapi2 support on Windows CE 6.0, can someone also confirm this!