Sticky NI2C - PicoCOM4 - Repeated Start Conditions

      NI2C - PicoCOM4 - Repeated Start Conditions

      We received a lot of questions regarding I2C communication on PicoCOM4. Customers reported that applications that have been working on PicoCOM2 properly are no longer working the same way on PicoCOM4.
      We suppose that repeated start conditions are responsible for these problems.

      Native I2C driver of PicoCOM2 does not use repeated start conditions by default. Its usage of has to be enabled explicitly. Instead of this, native I2C driver of PicoCOM4 always uses repeated start conditions when possible. This might lead into communication problems if the I2C device isn't able to handle this kind of message.
      We already have scheduled to add support to disable usage of repeated start messages on PicoCOM4. In doing so the behaviour regarding repeated starts will be identical on PicoCOM2 and PicoCOM4.
      We ask you to be patient for the next PicoCOM4 kernel.
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