USB/HID device problem

      USB/HID device problem

      I'm trying to get a USB-Device (msp430) to work with WinCE 6.0 but until now without success. The problem is, when I plug in the device WinCE doesn't show me the "Select driver for device" - Dialog. I took a look into the registry and the USB-Device is listed there as an HID!

      If i plug in an FTDI-USB-cable WinCE immediately shows the "Select Driver" Dialog (instant recognizes the USB-Device) and after selecting the driver the device works well.

      My problem with the msp430 (uses TUSB3410) is, that there aren't any drivers for this device for WinCE! But why doesn't WinCE even ask for a driver (as it does with the FTDI-one) ?
      So are there any possibilities to communicate with the registered HID ? (in other Windows version i would use the "hdi.dll" and its functions, but in the Compact Framework 3.5 (which i use) there is only an "usbhid.dll", but I don't know how to use it -> can't find an api or something useful...

      Any ideas if there is a way to "speak" with the msp430 device?

      Re: USB/HID device problem

      When connecting a USB device, the host asks the device to identify itself. This is done by requesting some "descriptors", i.e. data packages that show the purpose of the device. If the device is recognized as an HID device, then it has identified itself as such. For HID devices (usually mice, keyboards), serial devices and mass storage devices there are built-in drivers available in Windows CE, so it does not ask for a driver. Only for devices where no built-in driver is available, it asks for a driver.

      So there are two possibilities: either the device *is* an HID, then it should provide functions that are handled by a standard HID driver, like providing display coordinates or key strokes. Or it is *not* an HID, then the device is configured wrongly and sends malformed identification descriptors. Especially if the device is programmable, you might have a choice to (re-)configure or (re-)program it.
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