SPI usage


      is there an example how to use the SPI interface? In the documentation I found:

      5.10 SPI
      On J10 (PicoMOD7-SKIT) you find MISO,MOSI,SPCK and PCS0 SPI lines. A simple demo application
      can be found in the download section of PicoMOD7.

      But there's no example in the download area. Maybe in PicoMOD6 downloads there's such an example but I cannot access this area.

      Thanks in advance.

      Re: SPI usage

      I created a device:

      Source Code

      1. mknod /dev/spidev c 153 0
      Then I use the open/read/write functions to deal with "/dev/spidev".


      Source Code

      1. ioctl(fd, SPI_IOC_RD_MAX_SPEED_HZ, &speed)
      function is returning plausible values (8.25 MHz).

      The read command is blocking eternaly (I have to power off the device) even if the O_NONBLOCK flag is set in the open function.
      Is it possible to use SPI as a slave ?

      Any ideas ?