NetDCU-USBLoader and Windows 7 64 bit

      NetDCU-USBLoader and Windows 7 64 bit

      I have the following problem on a Windows 7 Professional German 64 bit system.

      I have installed NetDCU-USB-LoaderSetup_x64_v22.exe dated 2011-08-10. There was no Version 1 installed.

      Powering on the starter kit I see in the Device Manager under USB Controller a new entry labeled "Unknown Device". Even when using the DU command in the boot loader over DCUTerm there will be no connection from the NetDCU-USBBootloader.

      The target board is a NetDCU 11 board.

      Source Code

      1. Microsoft Windows CE Ethernet Bootloader Common Library Version 1.1 Built Jan 27 2009 12:16:07
      2. Microsoft Windows CE Bootloader for NETDCU11 Built Feb 6 2009
      3. Portions copyright (c) 2007 F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
      4. Boot Loader, Version 1.35
      5. StepStone Loader, Version N911

      Is this a known problem?
      Uninstall and reinstall does not help.
      I'm a local adminstrator on the machine.
      During install both checkboxes for NetDCU-USBLoader and FSUSBBoard driver are active. There are no error messages during install.

      Re: NetDCU-USBLoader and Windows 7 64 bit

      I installed the NetDCU-USBLoader on a Win 7 32 bit system and it is working.

      Next I tried again on my Win 7 64 bit system and I got it to work.

      It is absolutly neccessary to do the work in the following steps:
      1. Boot the NetDCU with a running DCUTerm and pressed Shift+s
      2. Type DU into the DCUTerm program
      3. Connect the USB cable
      4. Start NetDCU-USBLoader

      When the USB cable is connected during boot of the NetDCU a wrong driver will be loaded.
      In this case unconnect the USB cable, wait a short time and connect it again after the DU command. This will also load the F&S Borad driver.