Install a new kernel

      Install a new kernel

      I am using armStoneA8 and I would like install a new kernel.
      I would like to be sure understood the documentation.

      On a SD card, I copy the following files :

      from directory : multiplatform-linux-f+s-V2.0/binaries

      nbootv210_18.bin copy to Sd card in nbotv210.bin
      uboot-fss5pv210-V2.0.nb0 copy to Sd Card in ubotv210.nb0
      rootfs_std-armStoneA8-V2.0.ubifs to Sd Card with the same name
      install.scr to Sd Card with the same name.

      I compiled a new kernel, so I copy my kernel (linux-3.3.7-f+s-V2.0/arch/arm/boot/Zimage)
      to Sd card with the name zImage-fss5pv210-V2.0

      After, I have to turn off the board, put the SD Card and Power on ?

      In the documentation, it is write to connect my Pc to serial debug port, but there no debug serial port on armstonea8 ?
      How I can do ?

      Thank you for your help.

      Re: Install a new kernel

      The SD card is meant for a first installation. For example if you have a blank board and want to start. Or if you want to install your software on the boards in your production when you have finished development and you are shipping your boards in series.

      Of course you can exchange the files on the SD card and re-install from scratch every time. But then you lose all your settings in U-Boot and all the files that you have stored in the target filesystem. So this is not very convenient. I would recommend to just replace the single file in question. Set up a TFTP server on your PC, put the zImage kernel file to the download directory (no need to rename it) , and give the following commands in U-Boot:

      Source Code

      1. tftp zImage
      2. nand erase.part Kernel
      3. nand write . Kernel $(filesize)

      This loads the file via TFTP from your PC, erases the Kernel partition and writes the new file to it.

      How you actually set up a TFTP server depends on your Linux distribution on the PC. We have some advices (mainly for Fedora Linux) in the AdvicesForLinuxOnPC.pdf document.

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