Mouse Cursor

      Mouse Cursor


      1. What is the easiest way to get mouse cursor hidden?
      I tried "ShowCursor(FALSE)", "SetCursor(NULL)" and "SetCursorPos(800, 480)", none of them works. The cursor comes back on the screen as soon as making any touching on it.
      2. In case we can get cursor hidden, is it possible to get it back whenever a USB mouse connected?

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      Source Code

      1. reg open \drivers\display\lcd\<active mode>
      2. reg set value EnableCursor dword 0
      3. reg save
      4. reboot
      will switch off cursor permanent.

      Just an idea to hide and show an "enabled" cursor, i did not test:
      clip the cursor outside the LCD using ClipCursor (479,799,480,800). And "unclip" after getting a corresponding device notification (
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