How can play the video on the botad?

      Re: How can play the video on the botad?

      AVI ist just a container. It does not tell anything about the actually used video format. The video can be MPEG-1, DV, MPEG-2, DivX, MPEG-4 or whatever. So the first thing that you need to know is the actual video (and audio) format of the video. In other words it may be possible that some AVI files can be played back, if they contain video and audio formats that are supported, and other AVI files can not be played back, because they contain a video or audio format that is not supported.

      What gstreamer can do on a specific platform depends on the plugins that are included. In BuildRoot you can go to

      Package Selection for the target -> Audio and video applications

      and there you'll find four different subdirectories with plugins: base, good, bad, ugly. The base plugins are plugins that are required to do anything useful. The good plugins are plugins that contain codecs and filters that are not subject to any patents or similar issues. The bad plugins provide codecs that are subject to patents, but usually are tolerated and don't cause problems. And from the ugly plugins it is known that they actually can cause trouble.

      We only have a small set of plugins activated in our standard root filesystem. So maybe you need some more plugins to get your videos running.

      Please also note that there is currently no hardware acceleration for playing videos available on the Linux platform of armStoneA8. We only have a mainline kernel for our fss5pv210 architecture (=armStoneA8, NetDCU14, PicoMOD7A) and at the time when we ported Linux, there was no acceleration available in the mainline kernel. I'm not sure if such acceleration was added to mainline Linux in the meantime. If yes, then it might be possible that we add this feature sometime in the future.

      If you need accelerated video decoding right now, you should use the armStoneA9 instead.

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