Windows embedded compact 2013

      Windows embedded compact 2013


      I've made some Software development with PicoCOM4 and WCE7. There was an Explorer and something more to hande files and shortcuts etc.
      Now in Windows embedded compact 2013 there is only a command prompt and some System Settings. I have a Network Connection and can use the FTP Server.
      But this is not very comfortable. The questions are :

      - Is there any file explorer
      - How can I use Autostart? There is no Folder at \FFSDISK. The registry Settings also seems not to work (Launch120=...).
      - How can I start Conmanclient3 automatically after booting
      - How can I start my application at \FFSDISK\Program Files\xxx\xxx.exe ?
      - How can I create permanent shortcuts at the Desktop?


      what are in detail your settings you do under HKLM\init? This feature should work as usually and covering the waste of the startup-folder.
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