PicoCOM4 - LCD flicker problem

      PicoCOM4 - LCD flicker problem


      We have made the transition from the PicoCOM2 module to PicoCOM4.

      We have experienced a flickering of the LCD after switching to PicoCOM4. We tried to increase the lcdclk to 10 (like in the thread: Flicker on the LCD), or to 12, but it didn't solve our problem. We have also tried try ndcucfg commands: contrast set 4090 and contrast set 10, but no change...

      Our 3.5 inch screen has the model number ET035009DH6 (RoHS) if this helps.

      Please could you guide us on how we could fix this issue.



      P.S. We have fixed the issue by setting the lcdclk to 10 AND THE SAME TIME contrast value to 4090 by using ndcucfg and then restarting the unit for the effects to take place.

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      Hi Lukas,

      despite of solving the problem you may check your settings include the disaplays data sheet.
      You can use the "Display_settings_from_datasheet" document under fs-net.de/de/produkte/picocom/picocom4/.

      Please note, LCDCLK is a fraction of (several) BUS clocks so not all values are adjustable, best is to measure.
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