Is it possible to bring up the operating system without any displays?

      The answer is: NO
      Factory settings on this board prevent instant LAN connection.
      After connecting this board to the monitor (with HDMI cable) the first thing you see on the screen is the Buildroot prompt.

      Next steps are:
      1. Log in as root

      2. Set up current date and time:
      # date -s '2015-04-19 22:45:55'

      and save it on the hardware:
      # hwclock -w

      3. Set up a password for root:
      # passwd

      4. To the /etc/network/interfaces file, with the vi text editor...
      # vi /etc/network/interfaces

      add two lines like below:
      auto eth0
      iface eth0 inet dhcp

      So at least 4 steps are necessary to set up LAN connection with armStone A9.

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      You can also do these steps on the serial line. This is the recommended way. You do not necessarily need a monitor. In fact in the future the display setup will be different anyway. So it is not guaranteed that you have an HDMI screen active in the default configuration when the board is shipped. So please do not implement installation procedures that rely on HDMI or any other display being active at start.

      The next release V2.0 (available in a few days) will have an update feature. You just need to prepare an SD card or USB stick with your new software and a small U-Boot script and then the board will update the software automatically at the next start. Then you don't need any connection at all, not even the serial connection.

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