NetDCUA5 - Sporadically loss of data in flash

      NetDCUA5 - Sporadically loss of data in flash

      Hi Support,

      we sometimes have a sporadically loss of data in internal ffsdisk of NetDCUA5.
      We write user data to flash and after a reboot part of this data is lost.
      Do you have any idea what we can do to prevent from this loss of data?
      Could this be an issue in the flash driver?
      Is there something like a "snyc" that we can force the system to write the data immediately to flash?

      System is Win CE 6.0.

      Thank you and best regards

      a) system may be busy so that data in cache cannot be written to the flash before power off? There are some threads within you application which abel to block?

      b) did you write a lot of small files? How many space is free? Compactor thread may run if required. This may also occur while power off.

      Maybe this helps:
      - use SetSystemPowerState -> this keeps device manager informed (not all states may implemented in every platform)
      - Disable cache (may have some disadvantages refer links)…17(v=winembedded.60).aspx -> Flags

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