RNDIS driver failure in PICOMOD7A

      RNDIS driver failure in PICOMOD7A


      I'm using a remote WiFi module connected to PICOMOD7A using the usb. Activating RNDIS in kernel, I can see a new ethernet port. Once correctly configured IP and netmask in /etc/network/interfaces and rebooting, I try pings with other dispositives on the network. But the problem is that 'pings' from a PC launched till PICOMOD7A are lost (about a 75% are lost). Due to that, I cannot see the web that PICOMOD7A web server is delivering (the WiFi module acts as an Access Point where PICOMOD7A and PC are connected).

      To separate what the problem is, I connect the xPICO WiFi directly to another PC running an ubuntu virtual machine and all is running OK: no pings are lost. If in this virtual machine I activate an apache web server, I can see without problems the publicated example web.

      So, it appears that RNDIS is not working properly in PICOMOD7A.

      Any idea of what can be the issue?