armstonea9r2 qt5 gdb host python

      armstonea9r2 qt5 gdb host python


      Using armstonea9r2, fsimx6-V3.0, fsimx6_qt5_defconfig.

      I tried the Semaphores Example one can find by F1 help QSemaphore class.
      This application does not have GUI. It just ouputs characters to stderr.

      My Qt Creator version: 4.0.3

      The application is compiled correctly and runs fine.
      But it can not be debugged: It needs a gdb host with Python support.
      On the internet :

      I edited the fsimx6_qt5_defconfig, I enabled Tollchain --> Buidl cross gdb for the host --> Python support. See capture attached.
      Save and make.

      It worked. Now I can debug correctly.

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      Tanks for the information and explaining your solution in detail.
      It will be a help to other users too.

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