Interrupts not working

      Interrupts not working


      I am currently working on a c# application where i need to use interrupts.

      I can already use DeviceIoControl to set/clear and read pins.

      In case of the interrupts, I have looked into the WINCE_FSiMX6_DeviceDriver_eng.pdf.

      I implemented the example for interrupts. But it does not work.
      Every time i call IOCTL_DIO_WAIT_IRQ over DeviceIoControl I get no data returned and the function return immediately without any wait.

      I tested it aswell with from using Interrupt with the same result.

      1. How is that interrupt working. Will the function wait until timeout or do i need request IOCTL_DIO_WAIT_IRQ multible times?
      2. How must i configure the Pin in the registry (I have done some configuration and IOCTL_DIO_REQUEST_IRQ is returning true)?
      3. Is there any other example for an c#/c++ application using interrupts for armStone?

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