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      For a test project we need two USB 2.0 interfaces. The usage of a USB hub with one USB 2.0 is not possible, because the bandwidth would be too low. There are two USB interfaces on the efusA9 connector, but one is a device port. Is it possible to change the behavior of this port to a host port?

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      Dear Mr. Weber,

      if you want to use two USB 2.0 interfaces without an USB hub, you can use the USB OTG pins for the second USB. The id pin of the USB OTG is on pin 223 so it auto detects if you connect there an device or host. So the USB controller knows if there is an e.g. USB stick connected. If there is an USB stick the id pin goes low and the USB controller set the 5 V supply voltage automatically. So you have to configure the supply output pin in the pinctrl_usbotg settings. You have to add the Pad EIM_D22 which is responsible for the 5 V supply voltage.

      Source Code

      1. pinctrl_usbotg_2: usbotggrp {
      2. fsl,pins = <
      3. MX6QDL_PAD_EIM_D22__USB_OTG_PWR 0x30b0
      4. MX6QDL_PAD_ENET_RX_ER__USB_OTG_ID 0x17059
      5. >;
      6. };

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      F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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