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      leitmotiv wrote:

      Ok from this replies i assume you don't understand what i am saying or giving just political reply

      Why do you think that? I tried to answer very elaborately, trying to address your direct complaints. Let me summarize

      Your complaint: Why does it not work across different versions?
      My answer: Because to improve NAND stability, the NAND layout needed to be changed. This change unfortunately could not be done without breaking compatibility.

      Your complaint: But why not leave it as it was?
      My answer: Because the bad NAND flash stability in the old version was not acceptable.

      Your complaint: Why is there no graphical update in U-Boot?
      My answer: Because we have several display interfaces (LVDS, LCD, HDMI) and do not know which interface and which type of display (timings, resolution) the customer will use. Any assumption that we do here would only work for some customers. And there are even customers without any display at all. So we have to use a rather low-level update procedure to allow updates for really *all* customers.

      Your complaint: Why do we have to deal with different versions anyway, why do we not get a stable software?
      My answer: Because you are ordering a standard version of the board where always the newest version is on. To have a stable software version, you need a customer specific version of the board where you can define the software version.

      I do not see where I did not address your complaints.

      PS: We cannot use newer distro or yocto as we made porting for dosbox, mysql, and other functions for the board.

      That's what I meant. You have done the porting for one version, but changing to a different version is difficult for you. But if the software was ported correctly, then changing to a newer version of our software should be rather easy, for example by importing our new version in a parallel "original" branch in GIT and then merging this code to your master branch. Then the whole update to a new version would not be such a big problem for you.

      With your distro fsimx6 2.1, is fw_printenv fw_setenv working together with uboot or is not compatible? In older versions everything was working but with fsimx6 from 2.0, i think there is an incompatiblity on the BBT handling of nand flash between uboot and kernel, do you have some information/experience about that?

      fw_printenv and fw_setenv actually do work. However you must not use the uboot-tools package of Buildroot. This package downloads a full U-Boot in some different version to compile the tools. This separate U-Boot does not know the NAND modifications that we have done in our U-Boot. So as a result these tools still use the original NXP NAND access. This will of course not work. But fw_printenv and fw_setenv are actually part of every U-Boot source tree. So you just have to use the versions of *our* U-Boot. So in U-Boot source tree, call

      Source Code

      1. make fsimx6_config
      2. make env

      Then copy the executable program from tools/env/fw_printenv to the board, usually to /usr/sbin. Then, also in /usr/sbin, create a link:

      Source Code

      1. ln -s fw_printenv fw_setenv

      And then add a file /etc/fw_env.config with the following content:

      Source Code

      1. /dev/mtd4 0x0 0x4000 0x20000 0x2

      /dev/mtd4 should be the mtd where the UBootEnv is located.

      If you want to do this permanently, you can also apply the changes to output/target on your development PC, for example by adding a final script that is called before the root filesystem images are created. Buildroot has a menuconfig option to call such scripts. We use this mechanism already with some own scripts. So you can add your script to the list of scripts or simply expand our scripts. Then these tools will be part of your rootfs image and will be automatically available on every new board where you put this rootfs on.

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