Problems with windows 10 connecting to NetDCu9

      Problems with windows 10 connecting to NetDCu9


      we have installed a computer with windows 10 and we want to connect to to the netdcu board "netdcu9". But we get no connection to the board. Neither with windows 10 synchronizing centre nor with the windows mobile device centre.
      Any ideas where to look ?

      Did you use Windows 10 with the Creators Update (Version 1703)? We have a similar problem, but with a NetDCU10.

      Since the Windows 10 Creators Update we can't connect to it through ActiceSync. If we switch to mass storage mode, we have to wait for about 6:40 in order to get the drive visible in the explorer. This doesn't happened before the Creators Update. And if we deinstall the Creators Update, the problem is gone.

      Until now we hope for a patch from Microsoft since there seems to be more problems regarding USB connections.

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      Just found by using Google…Center/WMDC-in-Windows-10
      Because we don't work on this newer Win10 versions we haven't test this.

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      I just want to confirm that the mentioned solution seems to fix the problem with the ActiveSync connection for our NetDCU10 device. The cause was a new behaviour of svchost.exe, introduced in the Creators Update, which makes the Windows Mobile Center incompatible with Windows 10.

      But the problem when connecting in mass storage mode still exists, we still have to wait for 6:40 in order to get the drive visible in the explorer. So because ActiveSnyc works, it can't be a general hardware problem. It must be a device driver problem on the NetDCU side. Unfortunately this is what we need four our customers in order to transfer data.

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