How to get the Cortex-M4 running.

      How to get the Cortex-M4 running.


      I want to set-up and program the Cortex-M4 Coprocessor on my efusA9x.

      Therefore I downloaded "FreeRTOS_BSP_1.0.1_iMX6SX_F_S_V1.60.tar.bz2" and "gcc-arm-none-eabi-6-2017-q2-update-linux.tar.bz2" and configured everything according "FreeRTOS_BSP_1.01_iMX6SX_on_FS_Boards.pdf" from chapter "3 Installing Toolchain and FreeRTOS BSP".

      The Linux side of my system was build from "fsimx6sx-V2.0.tar.bz2" with "u-boot-2014.07-fsimx6sx-V2.0.tar.bz2". Files comes directly from the F+S server.

      The problem accrued in chapter "4.1 Configuring UBoot" where I tried to configure u-boot.
      I assume with "F&S provides you with a modified UBoot which can make use of the Cortex-M4." the U-Boot from "fsimx6sx-V2.0.tar.bz2" was meant.
      But when I tried to config the u-boot source code conflicts accured.

      1. Wrong place. #define in struct

      2. no idea where the offical NXP u-boot source is located (was using git clone

      3. That was the only step that seems to be right (/common/Makefile).

      4. there is no “M4 specific configuration” section

      5.skip, line already there (line 34)
      #define M4_BOOTROM_BASE_ADDR 0x007F8000

      ..and so on...

      After all these changes u-boot failed to compile.

      When I compile a demo and try to start it from u-boot ("fsimx6sx-V2.0.tar.bz2"-version):
      efusA9X # tftp hello_world_ddr.bin; cp.b $loadaddr 0x9ff00000 ${filesize}; dcache flush;
      efusA9X # bootaux 0x9ff00000
      Unknown command 'bootaux' - try 'help'

      Therefore, it seems to be that the "fsimx6sx-V2.0.tar.bz2" are the wrong files to get the Cortex-M4 running.

      Do I need another source or what is the problem?

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      Well, "F&S provides you with a modified UBoot which can make use of the Cortex-M4." means exactly, that you need a special U-Boot to get access to Cortex M4. The regular U-Boot from the release does not work (yet). Cortex-M4-Support was introduced after the fsimx6sx-V2.0 release, therefore these circumstances. We want to bring out a regular i.MX6 (fsimx6) release at the end of this month and then we will also have a Solo-X (fsimx6sx) release soon after that. This release will contain all parts that are necessary to use the Cortex-M4.

      So if you want to use Cortex-M4 right now, we have to supply a special U-Boot with some additional features. If you can wait another 6 weeks or so, then you can use the upcoming fsimx6sx-V2.1 release.

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      I understand. What I need at the moment is a minimal option to run example programs on the Cortex-M4. Please provide me the necessary informations/sources to run examples on the Coprocessor.
      How fix is the release date for the 2.1 version. 5..6..7..8..12 weeks???