Start of cerhost with command line parameter (IP Address)

      Start of cerhost with command line parameter (IP Address)


      I have downloaded the tools cerdisp.exe and cerhost.exe from "Tools/RemoteDisplay" and they work fine.
      I can start cerdisp.exe on display automatically by "cerdisp.exe -c".
      Now I want to start cerhost.exe without always typing in the IP address in dialog and connect automatically to display-IP-address by command line parameter.
      I found another thread where you said there is no support for command line parameter. But there is a possibility to download the source code
      and add command line parameter support by myself. Unfortunately I can't find nowhere the sourcecode.
      Can you tell me where to download or do you have maybe already a new version with that support?
      Thank you...

      Best regards, Andy
      Hello, no we have no new/updated version.

      In general CERDisp/CERHost comes with MS Platform Builder installation and is located under <install dir>\WIN<version>\public\COMMON\oak\Drivers\cerdisp\... .
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      can you tell me where to download this MS Platform builder? I've found one and downloaded from Microsoft but can't install it. I have unzipped it, but haven't found any cerhost/cerdisp sources.
      Is it somewhere to download for free, at all?
      Or couldn't someone send me the neccessary files? That would be great!

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