buildroot's qt package for picocom4 is actually an HTML file

      buildroot's qt package for picocom4 is actually an HTML file

      While building the root for the picocom4 with the qt package added, qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.4.tar.gz will not be decompressed.
      The file is not recognized as a gzip file. When checking the file using the `file` command it is categorized as an HTML file and is only 3,5 kB in size.

      Solved the problem manually by downloading the package and replacing it.
      The HTML page that you get is most probably a "file not found" page. So when Buildroot tries to download the package, it is not found on the server anymore. This may happen from time to time when package maintainers move to a different provider or change their directory structure on the server. Unfortunately when the server sends such a page, Buildroot can not detect the error, because the download itself was successful and only the content of the download was different. Therefore it does not stop right away. Only later, when it tries to unpack this package, this will fail. Newer buildroot versions check the file by computing a hash sum and comparing this with a value that is part of Buildroot. This makes sure that only unmodified packages can be downloaded. But the PicoCOM4 version is too old for this.

      But you have done it right, simply look for the package somewhere else on the internet, download it by hand and put it into the dl (downloads) folder. Then Buildroot will find it there and does not need to download it anymore.

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