compiling linux 4.1.15 with yocto

      compiling linux 4.1.15 with yocto

      Hi Everyone,

      I have the Starter kit efusA9 linux and I am trying to build a yocto image. I followed the steps in the README from (fsimx6-Y0.2) and I got the binaries, then I flashed the sdcard image and it was working great on the module.

      There is one problem. The linux in fsimx6-Y0.2\sources\meta-f+s\recipes-kernel\linux\linux-fsimx6 is outdated. Its version is "linux-3.10.17". I want to update it and use 4.1.15. I did the following:

      1- I downloaded both "fsimx6-V3.1" and "fsimx6-Y0.2" from My F&S from the website.
      2- I replaced the .tar.bz2 linux file from "fsimx6-Y0.2\sources\meta-f+s\recipes-kernel\linux\linux-fsimx6\linux-3.10.17-fsimx6-Y0.2.tar.bz2" with the .tar.bz2 linux file from fsimx6-V3.1\sources\linux-4.1.15-fsimx6-V3.1.tar.bz2
      3- I modified the receipe file "" to match the new replaced kernel name, specifically those 2 lines,

      Source Code

      1. ​SRC_URI = "file://linux-4.1.15-fsimx6-V3.1.tar.bz2"
      2. S = "${WORKDIR}/linux-4.1.15-fsimx6-V3.1"

      4- I followed the same steps as I did before to build the previous image. I mean in the "README-yocto-f+s" file "fsimx6-Y0.2\README-yocto-f+s"

      then i get the following error in the build process: "#error Your compiler is too buggy" I attached the log from the bitbake.

      Please any help on how to get an efusA9 yocto image with kernel 4.1.15 ?

      kind regards,
      Sorry, the fsimx6-Y0.2 is very old and is not suited anymore. It used Kernel 3.10 and needed a very old NBoot on the board. The NBoot that is currently shipped with our boards can not start the U-Boot anymore that is built by this old Yocto version. We are about to release a new Yocto version within a few days. So please be patient, it will be out soon.

      Your F&S Support Team
      F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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