RTC Circuit

      RTC Circuit

      HelloI wish to use your RTC function on the PicoCOM4. I propose to use a standard, CR2032 3V battery. Can I just wire this straight to the RTC pin or are there any other circuit considerations I need to take into account? i.e. diodes; resistors?Also there have been messages posted about the accuracy of the RTC on other devices.Is the PicoCOM4 RTC accurate?


      Just connect the voltage. The necessary parts to switch between main voltage and battery backup voltage are already included on the PicoCOM4.

      This on-board RTC only offers an average accuracy, as the chip is not temperature compensated. Without such a compensation, the clock accuracy depends on the environment temperature. So giving an absolute value is not possible, it depends on your specific conditions and may range from nearly perfect at the optimal temperature to a derivation of several seconds per day on a significantly higher or lower temperature.

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