weget and git cannot find address

      weget and git cannot find address

      I am trying to retrieve some information from the internet using git or wget, but both applications say that they cannot resolve address.
      My /etc/network/interfaces file has the following content:

      auto eth0
      iface eth0 inet static
      address 192,168,1,33
      netmask 255,255,255,0
      gateway 192,168,1,1
      dns-nameservers 192,168,1,100 8,8,8,8

      I am inside a LAN with a router. Fedora VM accesses internet withput problems, but my board, does not.

      What configuration do I ha need ?

      Thanks !
      Hi RSchubert,

      thank you very much for your response.

      Even if you are right, it has to be a dot-separated number, I have changed and it does not work.After some tests, I have realised that the problem is DNS resolution. It only works when I change /etc/resolv.conf file with the following content:

      #resolv.conf content manually written

      But after rebooting, it disappears. Something is overwriting this file when the system is rebooted.I need static IP on my board, and I configure that way in /etc/network/interfaces file. I write this explanation because I am not using DHCP client, but I suspect that some script related to this service is clearing my file.

      Any suggestion?

      Thanks again !!
      Probably you missed what RSchubert wanted to say. If you really have your configuration in /etc/network/interfaces as you have cited above, then all IP-Addresses are wrong because you used commas instead of dots to separate the bytes. Then it is obvious why it does not work.

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