NETDCUA5 USB host FTDI VCP driver

      I am trying to install FTDI VCP driver on the NETDCUA5
      Configuration Windows CE6, Eboot 1.4, Nboot PVN13, kernel v2.06-Build Jul 28 2016

      But the VCP is not detected and no COM are created
      If I tray to plug an USB stick or a mouse they are detected correctly

      Doing the same installation on NDCU10 was working fine
      2 com are created (COM4 and COM5)

      Could you give me some advice or check if this driver is working on NETDCUA5 ?

      Thanks & regards

      in general (FTDI) VPC on NetDCUA5 should work in the same way as on NetDCU10! But it is difficult to say what is going wrong. Is there any information on the serial debug port? Else i assume we have to debug the usb/serial Microsoft driver layers. Can you provide us your hardware for do that?
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