DAISY and Compilermode

  • Current we are developing firmware for graphic board DCUL7, we have created Daisy script file for DCULx in compilermode. But I didn't know how to download firmware to graphic board DCUL7. Can you help me?
    And below are some questions:
    - About download cable: I know that we need serial cable RS232(connect from PC to DCULx board) to flash the graphic board DCUL7, but I don't know what kind of cable RS232?and Where can we buy this cable?
    - About software to download firmware(file .DEF format):
    + We refer the document on http://www.fs-net.de/cgi-bin/c…/dculx/english/dah1st.pdf , Item "Development Steps" in dah1st.pdf, page 9. We saw that we need software DOWN102 or DOWN103 to download the binary file(.DEF) to DCULx board
    + But When we refer http://www.fs-net.de/cms/index.php?id=11&L=1, We think that we need the DCUTerm software to download binary file(.DEF) to DCULx board
    => We didn't know that we will use DOWN102, DOWN103 or DCUTerm to download binary file(.DEF) to DCULx board

  • Hello,
    To download the DEF file to DCULx, you have to use DCUTerm.exe.
    You can download this program from:
    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.fs-net.de/download/bin/">http://www.fs-net.de/download/bin/</a><!-- m -->
    Section: Tools->dcuterm.zip
    Beside this, DCUTermi.exe is already included in the software package you received with DAISY32. If you don't have the software, you can download it from the same place.

    For the connection between PC and DCUL7 you need a serial cable RS232. Only RxD, TxD and Ground is needed.
    After you have installed DCUTermi.exe you can test communication by Typing character @. You should receive a readable copyright message.

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