imagebutton Windows CE 5.0 / 6.0

  • Hello

    Habe a strange problem, I use a selfmade imagebutton in a Windows CE 6.0 device (picocom2) and it works there easily.
    When using the application in my Netdcu8 with Windows CE 5.0: it is not working, the image from the imagebutton is not shown, just the button itself with grey backcolour. The button function is working and there are no exceptions.
    Please give me a help if you know what it is.
    I need the Netdcu8 WinCe5.0 device, because my RAM memory is bigger there (need 64Mb instead 32Mb in picmod).

    Attached is a sample for what I mean. I use a TX14D14VM1BBA (VGA 640x480) Display. Anything else with graphics works(background pics or such stuff).

    and many thanks in advance

  • Hello,
    which kernel do you use?
    We had such a problem by using CF3.5 and other formats as "bmp". But this is resolved in the latest CF3.5 kernel.

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