NetDCU12 launched ?

  • Hello,
    is this board launched to market ??
    I can not find information about it, and forum is with no activity...

    On the other hand, I wonder if NetDCU12 is pinout compatible with NetDCU8, because I have compared both documents:
    -NetDCU12_Hardware_eng.pdf (preliminary)

    and compare J2 in NetDCU8 and J1 in NetDCU12 for CAN interface....
    I see something is wrong, because J1 pin1 in NetDCU12 is external to board outline (page 4), while J2 pin1 in NetDCU8 in internal to board outline (page 3 of document) ...however if I see pin table asignament, they are indentical in both docs...

    So will be fully compatible ? When will be available ?