Boot screen

  • Hi

    First, I´m relatively new in Linux so my knowledge is not too big...
    I would like to display a bootscreen. Does uboot support splash screens? If yes, how do I have to configure it

    Thanks for your help!

  • Unfortunately this is a problem in our current release, because the display driver is only activated in Linux itself. We have plans to add display functions to U-Boot in one of the next releases, but at the moment we are working hard on porting Linux and Windows CE to our new A5 platforms (armStoneA5, NetDCUA5, PicoCOMA5). There is some display code in our U-Boot sources that originates from the PicoMOD6/PicoCOM3, but as the internal structure of U-Boot has changed considerably since then, it is not so simple to apply this code to the newer U-Boot system. This is the reason why we haven't activated the display stuff yet again.

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