Thermal considerations QBlissA9

  • Currently we have a system under development based on the QBlissA9 module. In the starter kit the module's processor is equipped with an additional heat sink, as stated on the website the production lots are not equipped with a heat sink.

    The question is, what are the thermal considerations for the module? Do I need a heat sink as specified in the Qseven standard, which can dissipated the full 12 watts of power, or is a thermal connection to the base board sufficient?

  • This is depend your environment and your application.
    You need to measure the power consumption of your module and have to calculate the right cooling solution in dependence on your environment.
    There is influence from your application, the air temperature around the board, the airflow around the board and the power consumption and heating of the other components on your system like additional electronic, LCD and power supply.
    The rule for the QBliss board is: the board temperature shouldn't excess the operating temperature on the manual.
    Please refer Hardware: operating temperatur, ambient temperature to measure the operating temperature.
    To calculate a heatsink or find out another cooling solution I recommend to read this helpful documents:

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