New Yocto or Buildroot support on QBlissA9 board

  • Hello to all, especially to f+s support staff.

    Using QblissA9 board with linux I use f+s Buildroot version release 1.2 . Used kernel version is 3.0.35.

    Few months ago f+s released Yocto project port on Freescales imx6 processor, but with support for efusA9 board only. With note that other boards will follow.
    Now I would like to use some features implemented in newer kernel releases ( version 3.10.x already contain this from freescale support, if I'm not wrong ).

    So I would like to ask,if I may, whether support of f+s Yocto release or Buildroot is on schedule.

    Newer port of kernel version is quite important regarding to future use in other multimedia devices, so nwo Im§ nto sure if I should wait or try to find any solution on my own.

    Thanks, appreciate any reply.

    With best regards


  • We are working heavily on all the i.MX6 stuff. There will be a release soon (middle of March), still based on 3.0.35, but with U-Boot and Buildroot in newer versions and some bugs in the kernel fixed. Then as a next step we will move to a newer kernel with all boards. Then we will also add Yocto for all the boards, in addition to Buildroot. So please be a little bit more patient, we are nearly there.

    Your F&S Support Team

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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