• Hello,

    For better initialization of the resistive touchscreen driver I changed the DriverLoadTimeoutMS value into the \SYSTEM\GWE\TOUCHPROXY register to 200ms.
    I did a enum on the TOUCHPROXY register in NETDCU to read out the actual value:

    !> reg enum
    OK --> reg enum Key \
    OK --> reg enum Value \
    00 - "DriverLoadTimeoutMS"=dword:200 \
    01 - "driverloadtimeouts"=dword:300 \
    02 - "driverloadtimeoutsms"=dword:200 \
    03 - "tchaldll"=string:fs_tchaldll.dll \

    What effect have the other values into this TOUCHPROXY register?

  • Hello,

    the only valid value is "DriverLoadTimeoutMs" (refer Device Driver Documentation). You can delete the other values. The driver does not use these values. Think they are caused by human mistakes in writing to registry (so i assume they are also disappear by set registry to default).

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