thermal CPU clock down temperature and how to set it

  • Hello FuS Support Team,

    I performed some thermal measurings on the efusa9x and noticed that the CPU is reducing its clock speed from ~1GHz to ~200MHz at ~85°C.
    On the other site I also noticed that the CPU is performing a restart at ~105..110°C.

    Can you please conform this measurings and tell us how to define the temperature when the CPU is reducing the clock speed to cool down.


  • I was playing around with the sysfs and found in the hardware monitoring class the information under [1]. The defined critical temerature for the "imx_thermal_zone" is set to 85°C, which corresponds with my measurings.

    But its not possible to define the critical CPU temperature by my self (see [2]). Who is definig this temperature and how can it be set?

    # echo 95000 > temp1_crit
    -sh: can't create temp1_crit: Permission denied


    # cat name

    # cat temp1_input

    # cat temp1_crit