unable to downsize the root filesystem in ubi format under a certain level

  • Hello,

    I noticed that if I strip down the "fsimx6sx_min_defconfig" I am limited of the filesystem size to 7110656 bytes, when I am using buildroot.

    So for example I create a system and load it to check the disk free space: I see that I only use 5.1 MB (see [1]). But the created and loaded ubifs image is bigger than this (~7 MB, see [2]).

    Does this have to so with the options:




    I also checked the docu under [3], but could not find a suitable answer. For example how can I create a ubifs image that takes only 3 or 4 MB of space?


    # df -h

    Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on

    ubi0:rootfs 214.1M 5.1M 209.1M 2% /


    $ du -b output/images/rootfs.ubifs

    7110656 output/images/rootfs.ubifs