Resistive Touch controller

  • Dear F&S support team,

    in armstoneA9 device tree the Semtech SX86xx resitive touch controllers are supported. It seems these are not available anymore (EOL). The SX8657/SX8658 are not marked as EOL but also not available for buying. Do you know of any substitude?

    Thanks in advance

  • Thanks for answering but the SX8674IWLTRT is not available anywhere - has a MOQ of 30000 pcs and delivery times of at least 18 weeks. Definitely not usable for us. Thought about supporting Texas Instrumenst or Microchip resistive controllers with I2C in furture? The kernel drivers are available.

  • You can look in the kernel sources for supported touch controllers or if the manufacturer of the touch controller provides a linux driver.

    You can try the TI TSC2004 , this is a widely used touch controller.

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  • Good Morning,

    I see that also the SX8674IWLTRT has an EOL notification, dated 15/12/2020, with last buy date on june 15 2021. It seems that several boards, for example armStoneA5, has the SX86xx controller on board.

    What will happen? There will be another supported touch controller?

    Best regards