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    I'm wondering that I can measure about 4.6V on the power domain VDD_SNVS. This power supply uses a 3.3V LDO regular (as seen in your baseboard schematic). This means that the PicoCoreMX8MM will push the domain with a voltage higher than 3.3V. Is this higher voltage allowed on the output of your LDO regulator? If yes, what type is it and what is the circuit on PicoCoreMX8MM for understanding this issue? My used regulator allows only higher voltages about VDD + 0.3V whereat VDD is not referred anymore in datasheet.

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  • Hello Mr. Guedel,

    Thank you for your feedback. We have also detected this problem on our baseboard. That is a problem caused by the PMIC. We have reported the manufacturer about this issue and the uncertain informations in the datasheet. Some of the pins on PMIC are internally connected to each other and that's why there is 5V on this pin, instead of 3.3V how that should be.

    The solution of this problem is to leave this pin floating (N.C.). We are also updating our documents because of this problem.

    Thank you for your understanding!

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