• Hi, I'm using an MX8M board on a starter kit, I'm just trying to get it setup to run simple code from the Dev VM and Eclipse. As part of the Eclipse_application_development_eng.pdf file it shows how to edit the SSHd_config, which I have done, It then goes to start the SSH Server, however, when I enter ?etc/init.d/s50sshd start, it fails and on inspection there is no Init.d folder. Any ideas?

    Linux and FreeRTOS embedded development is new to us, so any recommendations for documentation or resources to get up to speed would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi, do you build your LINUX system with Buildroot or Yocto?

    For buildroot simple set the following option to include the ssh server into your build:

    Afterwards, build the image again and load it to the system, than you should check the following directory on your embedded system:

    1. $ ls /etc/init.d/
    2. rcK … S50dropbear … rcS