Run LINUX mainline kernel based on the buildroot fsimx6sx-B2019.11 release of efusA9X module.

  • Sometime it would be nice to only run the current release of a F+S module with a mainline kernel, for example to check if bugs where fixed in newer versions or to develop patches for pushing them to the mainline source code later.

    What do we need to do, to build and run the current buildroot fsimx6sx-B2019.11 release with the current mainline kernel (5.18.0) from

  • To adapt the buildroot configuration for using the mainline kernel I changed the following parts:

    - changed linux folder (linux-fsimx6sx) to git repo of mainline kernel

    - prepair the changes under [1]

    - build image and load according uboot procedure under [0]


    Starting and running system completely in RAM (from UBOOT)