Intern I2C to Codec SGTL5000

  • Hi F+S,

    I'am doing the dts file to run the linux 6.0.x on the NetDCU-A5. I get everything to work, except the internal I2C to the SGTL5000 codec. I've reinstalled the older kernel 3.0.15, and with your kernel too, I connot access the SGTL5000 at the address 0x0a or the EEPROM at 0x50 through the gpio-i2c device (i2c-4, PTE13 and PTE14).

    Are PTE13 and PTE14 directly connected to the SGTL5000, is there any pull-up or anything else in the path?

    I did not physically found the EEPROM on the board? Is it there?

    Any hints would be appreciated! I use the NetDCU-A5 1.21