update.scr fails with fatal consequenses

  • Hi,

    I'm working on the latest https://github.com/FSEmbedded/releases-fus-pre image on a IMX8MP baseboard. During testing of USB "mass storage" update the update.scr failed and left my device in a bricked state.

    It stop with following output:


    U-Boot SPL 2020.04-00326-g42d2040a3 (Dec 23 2022 - 16:36:21 +0100)

    Normal Boot


    To continue I expect that I need to use the UUU tool to reprogram program it. I cannot find any documentation on which files that it required to perform a complete reflash.

    Follow does not seams to work.


    sudo uuu -b emmc u-boot-dtb.img

    sudo uuu -b emmc uboot.fs


    So is there some extra packaging required? with imx-mkimage e.g.

    The same question goes for the rootfs?



  • Hello,

    please see i.MX8M-Plus Recovery Tool.

    We are now providing a recovery tool for the fsimx8mp releases. The binaries in the tool are from release fsimx8mp-Y2023.03, but as long as the NBoot and UBoot fit together, you can exchange the UBoot binary to the release you want to recover to.

    The recovery tool is using the UUU tool, so if you know what you do, you can also edit the write-emmc-uboot.auto to write every image. The standard auto script flashes everything up to the UBoot, so the Linux kernel, Device-Tree and RootFS are still missing. But in UBoot, you should better use the install.scr/update.scr script with an USB-Stick.

    Your F&S Support Team