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    I have the problem that on my NETDCU8 my interupt on J5 Pin 2 is always level triggered, not edge triggered, doesn´t matter what registry configuration I use.
    I connected this pin 2 to 3.3V with a 4.7k resistor to have fixed voltage but I get interupts as long as i put low signal on that pin 2.

    My registry settings is as follows:

    1. reg open \drivers\builtin\digitalio
    2. reg set value port dword 0
    3. reg set value index dword 0
    4. reg set value datadir dword 0x000f1f
    5. reg set value datainit dword 0x000000
    6. reg set value useasio dword 0xffffff
    7. reg set value IRQCfg0 dword 0x000000E0
    8. reg set value IRQCfg1 dword 0x00000000
    9. reg set value IRQCfg2 dword 0x00000000

    The code is on principle:

    The strangest thing is that when I use

    1. reg set value IRQCfg0 dword 0x00000000

    what would mean that no interupts should be generated, even then the interupt are coming all the time when I connected ground to the pin.

    Does anyone have an idea what I do wrong?
    Any ideas are welcome, thanks.



    here I is a solution

    1. In Visual Studio select Tools/Options, and then select Device Tools/Devices from the tree.
    2. In the top combo box, select the platform that you want to add desktop deployment to. You’ll need to do this for each platform you want to use.
    3. Select one of the devices, (it doesn’t matter which one) and click the Save As… button. Save as “My Computerâ€Â. If you’ve already done this for a platform, you’ll need to save subsequent devices with slightly different names (like “My Computer2â€Â)
    4. Close VS and open your %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CoreCon\1.0\conman_ds_platform.xsl file in a text editor.
    5. Find the <DEVICE …> element corresponding to the device you created and add the node (i.e. search for “My Computer†to find the correct node.)
    <PROPERTY ID="IsDesktopDevice" Name="IsDesktopDevice">true</PROPERTY>
    Place it right after the first <PROPERTYCONTAINER> tag.
    6. Save conman_ds_platform.xsl and restart VS.

    Now when you deploy, you can select “My Computer†from the deploy dialog and debug your application like you would have it done on/with the device.

    The enumerated options are not officially supported by Microsoft and, obviously, neither by us so it is up to you to make appropriate backups of the configuration files you are to change.

    These techniques are proven to work with both vs2005, vs2008 and we do use them in our own development. For your application to work on the desktop there should be no dependencies on PInvoke calls related to the device platform.



    I use Netdcu8 and the CF3.5 kernel together with VS2008.

    Since I migrated my CF 2.0 projects to CF3.5, the serial Debug Output doesn´t work for my .net progams written in C# anymore.

    I mean The Debug.WriteLine("Text") command usually puts the string "Text" to the serial output Com1 of the NetDCU.
    Now it doesn´t do that anymore. For the C++ programs it is still working ok.

    Is there an new adjustment necessary for that, maybe in registry?

    Any help appreciated, thanks


    Weiß jemand wie man Windows CE Programme auf dem PC debuggen kann? Meine CE Visualisierung soll auch auf dem PC/desktop und nicht nur auf der NEtDcu8 laufen. Man kann aber vom VS2005 oder VS2008 auf den PC kein deployment machen.
    Falls jemand eine Idee hat bitte melden.

    Does anybody know how to debug Windows CE Programs on desktop/PC? My Visualisiation needs to run on both systems CE and desktop. But I do not see a deployment to desktop feature in VS200572008.
    Any ideas?


    Bei mir geht das ohne Probleme im VS2005/2008.

    Wenn Windows CE als Platform ausgewählt ist dann erscheinen als Zielgeräte die Pocket und und Smartphone Emulatoren. (Es muß ausgewählt sein!)
    Was leider nicht geht ist ein Desktop als Zielgerät. Das finde ich sehr schlecht da mein Zeug auch auch dem PC laufen muß.


    Hello, just a hint:

    When you want do migrating your projects from VS2005 to VS2008 I found you need to reinstall the SDK(it was Netdcu8 in my case) after installing the Studio(VS2008 prof in my case) so that the Visual Studio can correctly migrate your VS2005 projects.



    So finally I found reason for the problem(it was me...)
    When debugging via USB and no ethernet plugged in, then my software was gathering the USB IP as a remote endpoint for sending my UDP multicast data.
    Mr. Keller gave me solving hint that usb active sync will brake down if to much traffic happens.
    With fixed IP for ethernet it worked then.
    Sorry for trashing this forum with that, but may be someone can use this info in future, it was nearly 1 day for me to find, mmh.

    Good luck

    Hello (again)

    Unfortunately similar errors (like described at the begginging) now are coming again. I have no ethernet on my netdcu8 just USB connected to my PC.
    On PC is running only the DCUTermi serial Terminal, nothing else. Activ sync symbol is not green.
    Now when I switch on the NetDcu8, after a few seconds following this is displayed:

    1. Explorer(V2.0) taskbar thread started.
    2. NDISPWR:: Found adapter [DM9CE1]
    3. USBFN: Indicated RS232 Cable Event
    4. AUTORAS:: Dialer notifies: [1] [Dialer Start]
    5. Posting WM_NETCONNECT(TRUE) message
    6. AUTORAS:: Dialer notifies: [4] [Dialer Connected]
    7. Posting WM_NETCONNECT(FALSE) message, ErrorCode = 631(0x277)
    8. AUTORAS:: Dialer notifies: [2] [Dialer Terminate]

    No USB is available, I guess this dialer termination has to do with it, but may be not. May be anyone has similar problems? I need now to reboot my PC before I can have any new stable USB connection again, hmm, not good. I use Windows XP Prof service pack3 on PC side.
    See the complete initialization information and please help me if you have any ideas, I am a bit confused now.


    I think I got a workaround. I found that when I started debugging my project (via USB) without the ethernet cradle plugged in, then the debugging goes really via usb.
    No errors like I described in my first message.
    Otherwise, when both cables are plugged in, then VS2005 likes to do it (At least it looks like) via ethernet. This even if I select the deployment via USB(This can be configured in VS2005 that you are asked).

    I add here some sample code you can check it and if you think different let me know. You need some SDF2.2 dll´s to let it run:

    If the admin let me do I can add the zpped project here in a next message.


    Here the code:


    When Debbuging my Netdcu8 CF2 Application from VS2005 I need to use sometimes USB instead of TCP for debugging because I have a networking
    application that needs to be debugged with and without the Ethernet connector plugged in.
    All works only when my application was running lets say one second then I see following in the serial debug window:

    1. OEMIoControl: Unsupported Code 0x10100f8 - device 0x0101 func 62
    2. Notification Error : Cannot execute \\.\Notifications\NamedEvents\SDF_NetDisconnected
    3. Posting WM_NETCONNECT(FALSE) message, ErrorCode = 631(0x277)
    4. AUTORAS:: Dialer notifies: [2] [Dialer Terminate]

    So my Usb (debug) connection is broken and I cannot debug anymore. Seems it could be related to a (SDF-opennetcf) Networking event that I use in my application. Has anybody an idea what I can do here to be able to debug with USB?

    Beside this issue I have frequently trouble with my USB active sync, once the sync is lost it doesn´t helps to re-power the netdcu. Most time need to restart my PC
    for going further. But I think most of you know this unsolved issue. Any new ideas? (My dip switches are set correctly)

    thanks, Andy