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    Hi all,

    I have two questions about above problem as following :

    1. My colleague says that the DCUL4 firmware (N161V2, relevant here is the V2 version of the internal font structure) supports Unicode characters in Compilermode. "
    And he suggest I should use the compiler "DCU Compiler for Unicode C321144.exe†to compile the script.
    I have compiled the script with two compilers( DCUC32.exe and C321144.exe), two DEFs file are generated.
    I compared them. And I see that, they only different one byte at offset 000000AF( 000000AF: 7C 78 ) .
    Would you please explain me the different between two above compilers and DEF files?

    2. If could, you tell me the format of DEF file ?

    Thai Tran.

    Hi all

    I have defined the Unicode Text in the script file as following :
    TEXT: TXTxHelloWord{ NUMBER: 1 X: 100 Y: 100 FONT: Font2_Unicode_Normal FGCOLOR: RED "Hello World" }
    The script will be stored with 16bit characters.

    I have compiled it and download to the DCUL4.
    However when I show this text with compiler mode command ( T1,<LF>),
    the text "þÿ" (code: fe ff) is displayed, but expected is "Hello World"

    The problem don't appear when I do with DCUL7.

    Could you please explain the root cause of problem?

    Thai Tran.