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    It seems that efectively the NetDUC doesn't boot properly with a low rise time in the power supplies.
    Can pin14 on J4 be used to reset the NetDCU10 and solve that issue?? Or is this pin intended for other purposes?
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    I just power on the NetDCU and sometimes all works fine, but sometimes my application (stored in the ffsdisk) is not launched. When all works fine, the status led is blinking, but when not, the status led is completely off, the NetDCU does not respond to any command and i can not connect using the ActiveSync.
    Apart from supply voltage rise time, have you any other idea abaou why the system sometimes does not boot??
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    It is possible that this issue for the NetDCU8 <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=2&t=109</a><!-- l --> , could be affecting also de NetDCU10?

    I'm working with a NetDCU10. I have developped some applications, and they work well when i use the NetDCU-Startintf4.
    However, when i use my own board (not the NetDCU-Startintf4), sometimes the applications work and sometimes not.
    When they work, the led indicator "RUN" is active and the led "STATUS" is blinking. However, when they do not work, the "RUN" led is on, but the "STATUS" led is completely off.
    I'm trying to find a documentation explaining the meaning of these leds, but without succeed. The document for Hardware of NetDCU10 uses the sentence "see software documentation" to explain the led status, but i can't find this document.
    Could you tell me where can I found information about these led status, or give me some suggestions about what is happening?
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    Ok, Thanks!
    But trying to set this parameters, I have erased accidentally the flash disk (by pressing E in the Eboot).
    Now the NTDCU10 can't boot the kernel from flash... So, how can i download the kernel to the NETDCU again? I have download the version NK10_CF2_100608 from your webpage, but I don't know how to download the kernel to the flash? It seems that it can be done via ethernet or USB (prefered) but i don't know how... How can i do that?
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    I have observed that when I’m sending several CAN messages, if another CAN message arrives during the transmission of my CAN messages, the following CAN message to be sent is lost.
    The function "DeviceIoControl( m_hCAN, IOCTL_CAN_WRITE_TRANSMIT_DATA, &transmit, sizeof(CAN_TRANSMIT_DATA), NULL, 0, &dw, NULL );" returns a successful value, but I can observe that the message has not been sent.
    So... there is any way to disable the CAN read during my transmissions or any way to manage this problem?
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    Is it possible to program a timer to generate a periodic interrupt with the NETDCU10?? If it is possible, there are any example in c++ about how configure the timer and the interrupt?

    I'm trying to use the COM1, but it doesn't works. I've disabled the debug output (with command "O" in the bootloader), but I don't know how remove ndcucfg from autostart. How can I access to the "registry key HKLM\Init"??

    A Can port can only work with standard format or extended format? Is it not possible to configure a CAN port to receive both format messages?

    Im working with a NetDCU10, and I'm triying to create a server-client communication to comunicate differents threads in my c++ code. I'm using sockets to do it, but they doesn't work. When I try to compile my code, these errors appear:

    1>ServerClient.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol listen referenced in function "public: void __cdecl ServerClient::ServerInit(int,int)" (?ServerInit@ServerClient@@QAAXHH@Z)
    1>ServerClient.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol bind referenced in function "public: void __cdecl ServerClient::ServerInit(int,int)" (?ServerInit@ServerClient@@QAAXHH@Z)
    1>ServerClient.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol htons referenced in function "public: void __cdecl ServerClient::ServerInit(int,int)" (?ServerInit@ServerClient@@QAAXHH@Z)
    1>ServerClient.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol socket referenced in function "public: void __cdecl ServerClient::ServerInit(int,int)" (?ServerInit@ServerClient@@QAAXHH@Z)

    I think that I need to include the library ws2_32.lib, but I don't know if it is available in WindowsCE... Anyone knows it or can help me?

    I'm having problems to read CAN messages. When I send a CAN message to the NetDCU10, the event CANBUS_EVENT_RECEIVED appears, but when i'm going to read, all data bytes or ID are in blank. My filter.mask and my filter.code are defined as 0x3FF and 0x00 respectively, so i think that it isn't the problem.

    I tried to read using ReadFile and DeviceIOControl but they do not work:
    ReadFile( m_hCAN, message, dw, &u,NULL);
    DeviceIoControl( m_hCAN, IOCTL_CAN_READ_EVENT_DATA, NULL, NULL, &event, sizeof(CAN_EVENT), &dw, NULL );

    Can you help me?

    I'm triying to write in my digital IO. The pins where i want write are: pin 5, 7 and 9 of my NetDCU10, that corresponds to IO-port 4, IO-port 2 and IO-Port 0 respectively. My problem is that when I use CreateFile, the handle always takes the value INVALID_HANDLE. I've configured the pins that i'm using as outputs with the winNDCUcgf.exe. Now, my digitalIO register is:
    OK -> reg enum value \
    00 "DataDir"=dword:21 \
    01 "UseAsIO"=dword:21 \
    02 "DataInit"=dword:0 \
    03 "IRQCfg2"=dword:0 \
    04 "IRQCfg1"=dword:0 \
    05 "IRQCfg0"=dword:0 \
    06 "Prefix"=string:DIO \
    07 "Dll"=string:DIGIO.dll \
    08 "Order"=dword:151 \
    09 "Index"=dword:1 \
    10 "Ioctl"=dword:4 \
    11 "Port"=dword:1 \
    12 "FriendlyName"=string:Digital I/O driver for NetDCU \

    Now, to work with the IO-port4, i use:


    As a result, the handle hDIO takes an invalid result. What I'm doing wrong?