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    When Windows boots up and you use the touch screen there is an audible click (out of the speaker) when you touch the screen.

    I want to disable this click so I can configure my own audio control.

    Could you tell me how to disable this?


    On the PicoCOM4 is it possible to configure in the registry so the Ethernet Status LED defaults to off. I have wired my board with the LED connected to ground and I should have connected it to 3v3 so its permanently on. It would be good if I could change the default setting.



    I have been reading through a lot of topics on using the digital IO on PicoCom4 but I need to get more information to understand how it works. There are a lot of setting that can be made in the registry DIGITALIO but there does not seem to be any good documentation as to why or what to set up.

    First I need to set Port 2 IO pin 20 to an output. Could someone detail what needs to be set up in the DIGITAILIO registry to do this.

    Also is there any document that explains clearly what each line in the registry is for and how to set it up. I.e. the line UseAsIO has 6 bytes but why? If there are only 8 bits that can be toggled in Port 2. It seems a bit of a black art at the moment to get the required information.

    I hope this does not sound too negative but when you are working to tight deadlines trying to get information from the forum is very difficult hence being straight to the point. Sometimes replying with questions after a week can be a bit frustrating.


    At the moment I have developed my software in C#.NET and have not had to use the SDK. Is this just for C++ development?

    I now need to be able to get assess to a GPIO line on the Picocom4 but I'm not sure what I can use. Can I use an output that I don't need I.e. the CANL signal output. Is it possible for me to toggle this output in code?

    I can not find any information on the SDK. Is there a user guide I would like to read what it has before I install it?


    I have set up a 5.7 inch display but the touch screen is very slow to respond. Is there somewhere in the registry where I can scan faster or select scan and sensitivity settings.


    Thanks I erased the register and re-entered the setup data for the display. Then I checked the data using

    reg open \drivers\display\LCD
    reg open mode100

    which enabled me to check the data was correct. I could however see a couple of lines that were incorrect, typos, fix them and then check again.

    This cured the ActiveSync issue so I must assume that the registry got corrupted somewhere down the line when typing in commands to set up the display.

    Anyway thanks

    On the PicoCOM4 I am having problems with ActiveSync and connecting to the PicoCOM4. I have tried ActiveSync4.5 on 3 different machine and can no connect so I assume that the problem is the PicoCOM4 end. I have disabled the firewall and still nothing.

    On my last email you mentioned erase the registry. I tried this in DcuTerm

    reg open
    reg erase

    but it will not erase flash memory.

    If you do a SHIFT s when booting there is an option to press R which does a full registry erase. If I do this will I be able to recover the application?
    What does this actually do?



    Two questions

    1. You say "rease the regsitry" but rease is not an English word so I am not sure what you mean. If we need to do something to the registry could you define the steps. This is very important as changes to the registry might effect something else.

    2. I don't use any database so this software fix should not apply. There must be something that can be set up and checked on the PicoCOM4 and on the main computer, that enable us to use ActiveSync. Please could you tell me what this is?


    ActiveSync did work perfectly but for some reason I can not connect any more.

    It just keeps dropping out.
    At first it would connect with the SD card in or out.
    Then it would only connect with the SD card out.
    Now it just drops out all the time.

    Is there anything needs to be sent up in the CE registry I can check to see if something has changed.

    On my new prototype board when I use the serial debugger COM1 I get the messages


    where as on your demo board I get

    NetDCU Config Utility Ready
    Version: 045
    Type help for commands


    which is correct. The question is why do I receive <-1><-1><-65><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-3>_<-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-3><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-1><-4>



    I wish to use your RTC function on the PicoCOM4. I propose to use a standard, CR2032 3V battery. Can I just wire this straight to the RTC pin or are there any other circuit considerations I need to take into account? i.e. diodes; resistors?

    Also there have been messages posted about the accuracy of the RTC on other devices.

    Is the PicoCOM4 RTC accurate?



    I have read the previous message that states that the current kernel, for the PicoCOM4, does not support builtin SD card. Could you tell me if the kernel now exists and what version I need to download?

    I am tring to set up the SD card and get the error response below.

    !>reg open \drivers\builtin\SDHC_dev1
    ERROR 200: Can't open registry key

    Attached are two C#.NET programs. One is in Windows and the other is in WinCE.

    In windows it is possible to use the Image property on a form to attach an image. Then use pictureboxs over the form to add other images. When using *.png images any transparency in the picturebox image is not seen as the form image shows through.

    Forms on WinCE don't have an Image property so we have to use a picturebox on the form. Any other picture boxes over this will not handle transparency correctly.

    Does anyone know of a fix at all.



    I have been reading as much documentation as possible on the PicoCOM4 but am still struggling to get my demo board working. I have the DCUTermi working and I can download bootloaders and kernel using the NETDCUUSBLoader.

    My problem is I want to know which is the most relevant bootloader and kernel for my board?
    I need to know how to view and modify the bootloader, as I can't find information on setting up screen size/resolution so all I can see at the moment are coloured stripes. I am using a UMSH-8401MD-7T 4.5" display.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?