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    there's no hurry,
    but it's important to tune the frequency with my application without reset windows.
    The best solution are, when i can set the output frequency in 1Hz steps from 45 to 100Hz.
    At this moment it is importent to know is it possible to modyfy the driver with this function ?

    Otherwise i must generate the signal with external Hardware.
    In the next Days i must finalize the hardware. For the Software they are another 4 weeks.

    kind regards


    thanks for the sample, it works.

    I need a tunable PWM Frequency from 50-70Hz, but the registry setting for PWM frequency lower than 1260 has no effect.
    The lowest Frequency is always 1260Hz.

    Is it possibility to set the PWM frequency in the range between 50-70Hz ?



    the SDK is Win CE 60 for NETDCUA5 with Visual Studio 2008

    please give me a sample to use the driver, like this:

    // open File handler
    hPWM = CreateFile(_T("PWM1:"), .................................);

    // write to set pwm output parameter
    WriteFile(hPWM, ...........................);

    is this file pwm_sdk.h ok to include to my project with win ce60 ?



    i find only a few hints to the registry settings and a file "pwm_sdh.h",
    this file was not fount on my system.
    Where do i find more information to the driver for PWM output ?



    there is a problem wit the NETDCUA5 WINCE60 with Visual Studio 2008

    I read out the AIN1 in a timerroutine every second, the system runs for a few minutes to hours.
    And then the programmcounter no returns from the ReadFile.
    To fix the "Point of no return" i switch an LED on before the ReadFile an switch off after the ReadFile.
    When the system fail, the LED is always on.

    On the NETDCU8 with WINCE50 there was no problem


    unsigned short data_io::get_flow(void)
    unsigned short data;
    DWORD dwSamples = 1;

    hAIN = CreateFile (_T("AIN1:"), GENERIC_READ, 0, NULL
    , NULL);

    printf ("\n\tAIN1: unrecoverable error");

    SetFilePointer( hAIN, 0x0 , 0, FILE_BEGIN);

    set_ventil(VENT5EIN); // switch LED on

    ReadFile ( hAIN, &data, dwSamples, &dwSamples, NULL);

    set_ventil(VENT5AUS); // switch LED off


    return (data);




    is the SPI and I2C Driver already installed on the netdcua5 ?
    is it required to modyfy the registry to use it on default pins ?

    i head modified the registry, is there a way to restore the registry to the original



    i need I2C and SPI at the same time, at NETDCU8 the SPI-Pins at other locations
    is it possible to switch the SPI-Pins at the same location as on the NETDCU8
    for the NETDCU8 i have the native Driver, can i use it with the NETDCUA5 ?

    the driver are loaded at the NETDCUA5, and it is possible to open "I2C1" and "SPI1"
    but there is no function.

    Best Regards

    Hello i dont found informations to the registry settings for Display

    is it possible to use the same settings as on the NETDCU8 ?

    for NETDCU8 settinge are:

    reg open \drivers\display\Samsung
    reg create key mode100
    reg set value name string "Evervision VGG322426"
    reg set value EFW dword 4
    reg set value BFW dword 18
    reg set value msignal dword 2
    reg set value rows dword 240
    reg set value LPP dword 240
    reg set value width dword 115
    reg set value height dword 86
    reg set value contrastenable dword 0
    reg set value contrastvalue dword 0
    reg set value type dword 6
    reg set value config dword 0x00600000
    reg set value columns dword 320
    reg set value PPL dword 320
    reg set value HSW dword 38
    reg set value bpp dword 16
    reg set value lcdclk dword 6
    reg set value VSW dword 8
    reg set value BLW dword 68
    reg set value ELW dword 20
    reg set value EnableCursor dword 0
    display mode set 100
    reg save
    reboot hardware

    but there is no Key "Display\Samsung\"

    The System is CE6.0



    where do i store the web-sites permanently ?

    The File in the Directory "\\Windows\www\wwwpub\default.htm" is the default website, but this place is in RAM.

    Is there a registry setting to use a place in the \\FFSDISK area to store the default.htm ?



    the cange of the size works fine.

    here are set the text for the Buttons:

    GetDlgItem(IDC_BUTTON1)->SetWindowTextW(L"\x0041\x4FBF"); //cs_but_setup);

    in the first line i use for test the hex values of the characters, normally the text is in the CString cs_but_setup.

    The Software FontView.exe displays all the characters from Msming.ttf right.
    But i can't open the workspace with VisualStudio 2008 to explore this step by step.



    with this code i want display chinese character in a textstatic and 2 Buttons
    but there is no change to the TTF msming, always the System Font appeares.
    Only the new Size is correct.

    LOGFONT lf;

    if (!AddFontResource(_T("\\ffsdisk\\msming.ttf")))
    strmessage.Format(L"msming.ttf not found");

    memset(&lf,0, sizeof(LOGFONT));

    lf.lfHeight = 25;
    _tcscpy(lf.lfFaceName, _T("MS Ming"));


    GetDlgItem(IDC_BUTTON1) ->SetFont(&b_font);
    GetDlgItem(IDC_BUTTON2) ->SetFont(&b_font);

    Thomas Dauner


    in the folder FFSDISK\StartUp\ is the Application ( .exe - File)
    The Application starts automaticaly
    In the Application is no "Exit" Button.

    How can i exit the application or inhibit the autostart of the Application.

    at first i delete the registry keys HKLM\init\

    Launch100 CheckAutoStart.exe
    Depend100 1E00

    but there is no effect, the Application starts always.



    at the last 2 Weeks i was sick and can't answer.

    The missimg S was an error but with no effect.
    I copy the File to folder \FFSDISK\o2co2.exe
    and edit the entry "Launch100" to "\\FFSDISK\o2co2.exe"
    but the o2co2.exe would not start.

    OK. now i haye an other solution for the requirement " Windows Explorer not visible at Power On"

    1. Hide Taskbar in Explorer
    2. install for Desktop background user Logo
    3. stop the start of "Recycle bin" and "My Device"
    4. copy the user Application in Folder \FFSDISK\StartUP\

    in addition i have a 2Sek. delay berfore my application appeares on screen.
    I think it looks better as the user logo appeares for 100-200mS on screen.

    Thank you