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    1) Synch TCP/IP mode
    Kernel version ‘1.07 –build jul 2 2014’ works
    Kernel version ‘1.09 –build dec 3 2014’ hangs within 24 hours

    2) Aynch TCP/IP mode
    Kernel versions ‘1.07 –build jul 2 2014’ and ‘1.09 –build dec 3 2014’ both hang within 2-3 hours

    'Hang' means this: nothing works, no touch screen, no COM port communication, only way out is power off

    Please note: the same client/server programs running on two Win7/Win8 computers work for weeks without any problems.

    Seems to be something wrong with the TCP/IP implementation in the PicoCom kernels.

    We have a TCP/IP client/server setup with a PC as the server and a PicoComA5 as the client. For testing, the server is continuously sending messages to the PicoCom client and the client acknowledges the message with a short answer. This works well but for some reason the client program hangs after 2-3 days (after around 100,000 messages). Actually, not only the client program hangs, the whole PicoCom (Windows) locks up - nothing work, not even the COM1 communication. The only way to get the PicoCom back is to cycle the power.

    We are using a Win6CE and Visual Studio 2008.

    Any ideas what causes the hang? Our client/server programs are both quite simple and still this strange hang - seems like something is not quite right with the TCP/IP implementation on the PicoCom side. It's not, or probably not, a memory leak because we have tried allocating a lot of memory before the test starts and the hang still happens after 2-3- days, not sooner (as you would expect if it was memory caused).

    For a 800x480 screen, the touch calibration cross hairs appear at 400,240 (centre) and then at 160,96 160,384 640,384 and 640,96
    So the offset is always 20% of width and height - is this correct? And where does the 20% come from? Is that hardwired in the calibration application or can I find that in the registry somewhere?

    I have built a project around the CEplayit source code. The application is built and deployed OK but the video itself always plays in the upper/left corner, regardless of what is specified. Also, after finishing playing, the last frame remains on the screen and is impossible to get rid of expect through a reboot.

    All this is with the latest WinCE6 kernel and I suspect it's something wrong with the video implementation. Any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix it?

    We are using an EDT capacative screen using the FT5x06 controller. To calibrate the screen, we use the nducfg interface, with -c "touch calib". That works well but isn't satisfactory, we would much prefer to implement our own calibration routine. But to do that we need to be able to read the touch coordinates and we don't know how.

    So, question is: how do we read the touch coordinates? Can we perhaps interface with fs_tchproxy.dll to get the data?

    Using WEC2013, VS2013 and a PicoComA5 with a capacitive touch screen (EDT), how do I detect multi touch events? I would like to implement two-finger zoom in and out ...

    That would be really good! As it is now the touch screen only works when naked, adding a cover plate, even a thin one, is enough to stop the screen from registering touches.

    If the change is reading threshold and gain from the registry and sending to the FT5x06 controller at init time, that could be a relatively quick fix, is that correct?

    We want to increase the sensitivity of the EDT touch screen controller (because we use a shielding glass plate on top of the screen). From searching the forum, there seems to be two parameters (at least for Linux): thold and gain.

    Can these be used also for Windows, in registry key Drivers\Builtin\Touch_EDT?
    If so, how should they be defined and what are the ranges of the values?

    If not these values, is there another way of setting the sensitivity of the FT5x06?

    The PicoComA5 has 128MB flash memory. By default, this is partioned at 64MB for the OS and 64MB for ffsdisk. However, we would like to give as much as possible to ffsdisk so my question is: do you know what the min OS size for the 140414 image is? I could find out by trial and error but that would take quite some time so a hint would be very welcome :-)

    I just tried to change the value of ETHNETA1\Parms\NetworkAddress in the registry from the 55-50-code-00 format to the 00-05-51-code format but after 'reg save' and reboot the values are back to the 55-50 style, i.e. the changes are not saved or something overwrites my changes.

    This is what happened when I tried to change the MACs through N in the boot loader as well, i.e. the changes were not saved.

    So seems to be a MAC address problem. But I haven't modified the MACs, the values 55:50:code:00 and for 55:50:code:01 is what they had as default and what they still have although I tried to use N in the boot loader to give them 00:05:51 values.

    And what does 000551<1+label code> mean? If the first value in the label code is 08, does that mean that I should enter 09 instead?

    This may be related to my earlier post concerning MAC addresses for ETHNETA and B. As it is now I can't connect to my PicoComA5 using Ethernet. It doesn't matter if i use DHCP (which fails with an error message) or assign static IP addresses.

    Pinging the PicoCom from my PC doesn't work, pinging from the PicoCom to my PC or the Internet (using IP addresses so no DNS) doesn't work. The former (PC to Pico) gives timeout, the latter gives the 11010 error, whatever that means.

    The MAC for the ETHNETA is 55:50:code:00 and for B 55:50:code:01 although I have specified them differently in the boot loader (using the 00:05:51 form).
    The green LED is active on both connectors so cables etc seem to be in order.

    Debug output

    ENET: RegQueryValueEx dwIndex :1
    ENET: Version 01.01, ActiveKey = Comm\ETHNETB

    and then (coming so fast I can't see rest of boot debug)

    ENET: +ENETCheckForHang
    ENET: -ENETCheckForHang
    ENET: ENETQueryInformation

    lots of them

    But no Ethernet :-(

    The PicoComA5 can have two Ethernet connections but what should the MAC address be for the 2nd? Normally, the MAC address is 000551 plus the code on the PicoCom itself but I suppose that A and B cannot have the same MAC - correct?

    Where can I find a media player for Windows CE6? There's isn't one in the CORE kernel as far as I can see. Is it available as a separate download?