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    Hello F&S,

    We upload our application software to a ArmstoneA5 with windows EC 2013 with a USB stick With the Update Software on it.
    The update script contains more then 400 lines.

    The most ArmstoneA5 boards can be updated without any problem, but sometimes there is an Board that can't be updated.
    the update is started and will stop at a random script line. (sometimes line 50, or 225, or 317)
    After a few times retry, it will run to they end. but if the board has to be updated again the same problem will show up.
    (all board have the same windows version and are from the same batch)

    what can be the problem?


    For better initialization of the resistive touchscreen driver I changed the DriverLoadTimeoutMS value into the \SYSTEM\GWE\TOUCHPROXY register to 200ms.
    I did a enum on the TOUCHPROXY register in NETDCU to read out the actual value:

    !> reg enum
    OK --> reg enum Key \
    OK --> reg enum Value \
    00 - "DriverLoadTimeoutMS"=dword:200 \
    01 - "driverloadtimeouts"=dword:300 \
    02 - "driverloadtimeoutsms"=dword:200 \
    03 - "tchaldll"=string:fs_tchaldll.dll \

    What effect have the other values into this TOUCHPROXY register?


    With the FSDeviceSpy I make connection to the FTP server on the ArmstoneA5.
    If this FTP is opened, different folders are shown.

    Is it possible to protect some of this folders with a password?

    To enter the FTP server no username or password must be inserted.
    If the FTP files are shown, then I want to get access to one or more folders without password.
    The other folders need to be password protected.


    I like to disable the backlight in my application to save energy.
    The application is running on a ArmstoneA5 with winEC2013.

    How can I turn On/Off the backlight in my application?

    If I reverse the bit order then this value is stored into the acceptance filter. (but still not work)
    My goal is read only the addresse 0x100 to 0x10F
    so the values for code and mask are:
    CODE: 0x00000100
    MASK: 0x0000000F
    (after writing this values code and mask are both 0)

    when I reverse the bitorder then code and mask are:
    CODE: 0x00800000
    MASK: 0xF0000000
    (after writing this values code = 0x800000 and mask = 0xFFFFFFF)

    With values I have to use for CODE and MASK to set the acceptance filter?

    I configured my can bus with the program CanCheck2013.exe on the armStoneA5.
    now from my application I want to change this CAN settings.
    I can read and write the baudrate and read how the acceptance filter is set.
    but when I want to change the acceptance filter the acceptance filter code and mask value are set to zero (0)
    I use the example that is written in the WINCE_CanInterface_eng.pdf (page. 71)

    How can I change the acceptance filter for the CAN bus?