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    2 solutions are working

    1. under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\comm\Tcpip6\Parms

    set the registry as follow

    reg set value EnableDHCPv6 dword 0

    reg set value DisabledComponents dword 255

    2. disable the ipv6 at startup with a .bat file under FFSDISK\StartUp
    content of the .bat file "ndisconfig adapter unbind ETHNETA1 tcpip6"


    I would like to disable the IPV6 on my ArmstoneA5 with windows embedded 7 (kernell XIPVYB_C7E_V3.0_201029)

    If I set "EnableDHCPv6"=dword:0 \ under KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Tcpip6\Parms I am still getting an IPV6 address when I do an Ipconfig

    I can disable it by sending the following command

    "ndisconfig adapter unbind ETHNETA1 tcpip6"

    Then the Ipconfig does not show IPV6 address

    But after a reboot the IPV6 address is back

    How can i disable the IPV6 permanently?

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    Hello here are the board information

    In order to add the DLL I am interested in both your solutions.

    As debug solution we can implement it manually but at the end it would be nice to have it in a standard kernel.

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    I was using TIMESVC under WCE6 for time synchronization

    Under WCE7 I do not find the registry "Services\TIMESVC" in order to do the same

    Is there another way to synchronize with NTP under WCE7 or do I have to manually create this registry?

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    I have launch the cerdisp at startup incuding it under the init registery

    The process is running (I check it under the shell gi proc)

    But on the computer side the cerhost does not detect the module.

    If I enter the IP address of the module the connection does no established.

    Is there some more configuration required?


    I tried to upgrade on of our module NDCUA5 from WCE 6 to WEC 2013

    The upgrade step went without problem but now I am unable to run any exe file on it.

    the configuration is as follow

    00 "SRC_SRSR"=dword:262144 \

    01 "RestartReason"=string:Software \

    02 "KernelVersion"=string:NetDCUA5 V2.09 \

    03 "KernelVersionDate"=string:Apr 4 2018 \

    04 "KernelVersionTime"=string:10:40:01 \

    05 "StepStone Loader, Version"=dword:875646550 \

    06 "BoardType"=dword:2 \

    07 "BoardName"=string:NetDCUA5 \

    08 "BoardRevision"=dword:120 \

    09 "BootVerMajor"=dword:1 \

    10 "BootVerMinor"=dword:5 \

    11 "F3SSerial"=string: \

    12 "CompatMode"=dword:0 \

    I do not have any display connected therefore I try to launch my application via telnet

    When I try to start CERDISP.exe I got the following message

    Cannot execute \cerdisp.exe

    And this is the same with any .exe files

    Do I need special setting to run application on WEC2013 ?


    We have a trouble with the LAN connection on our module NDCU8 WCE5 and NDCUA5 WCE6 installed in one site

    After reboot the communication works properly but after some hours or days the LAN is hangging

    it is not possible to ping, telnet or connect it by FTP

    In some cases the ping is working but the telnet and FTP are not working.

    The application of the module are still running (we keep recording values at defined time on the SD card) but it is impossible to connect to the module

    Do you have any tips on what could cause this behavior?

    for information the registry setting is as follow we use it with fixed IP address



















    "AutoMask"="2 5 5 . 2 5 5 . 0 . 0 "

    "AutoSubnet"="1 6 9 . 2 5 4 . 0 . 0 "









    "DhcpSubnetMask"="2 5 5 . 2 5 5 . 2 5 5 . 0 "





    We have deployed several modules in various sites with the same IP configuration (only IP address and default gateway adapted) without trouble

    It is fine for us to get the release in ten days
    Could you just confirm which EBOOT and NBOOT shall be used with this release?
    Thank you

    For info
    For the dll I have to give the full path in the ftdi registering \FFSDISK\usb\ftdi_ser.dll
    I am fine with this solution

    when I place the dll under FFSDISK and set the dll in the ftdi registering
    \FFSDISK\ftdi_ser.dll or only ftdi_ser.dll it doesn't work

    when I place the dll under the directory windows and set the dll in the ftdi registering as ftdi_ser.dll the usb is detected but a it ask me after each reboot to give the DLL in a pop up window.

    Finally I have manage to get it working
    For what ever reason if I place the dll under FFSDISK it does not function and the usb is not creating any virtual port but if I place it under a subdirectory it works fine.
    By placing the dll ftdi_ser.dll under FFSDISK/usb and applying this path to the registry setting solve the problem of the driver popup windows.

    Since the FTDI USB is only detected with kernel 2.09 and we are going to use it i am interested to get a released version of it
    Thanks & regards

    Any advice on this topic?
    could you confirm or not if having the following setting is OK?
    Eboot 1.5, Nboot PVN14, kernel v2.09-Build Dec 19 2017
    Is it planned to have a released version of the kernel v2.09-Build Dec 19 2017?
    Thanks & regards

    One additional observation

    I need to reboot the NDCU to trigger the detection if I plug the USB after the reboot is performed nothing is detected.

    When I copy the dll (ftdi_ser.dll) on startup under /windows then the windows popup asking me for the driver if I enter ftdi_ser.dll then my VCP is created.
    When I copy the dll (ftdi_ser.dll) under /FFSDIK the device is not detected no windows popup and no VCP are created

    I am back to the issue I have
    I did several test and was able to detect my FTDI device using
    Eboot 1.5, Nboot PVN14, kernel v2.09-Build Dec 19 2017
    The kernel v2.09 is define as Beta version
    Is there any risk or reliability problem link to this kernel
    is it ok to use the NBOOT 14 and Eboot 1.5 with the kernel 2.09?

    I have one remaining point
    each time I reboot the ndcuA5 a windows popup asking for the FTDI dll
    In NDCU10 after the first detection the device was automatically reconised.
    Do you know how this could be solve?

    I am trying to install FTDI VCP driver on the NETDCUA5
    Configuration Windows CE6, Eboot 1.4, Nboot PVN13, kernel v2.06-Build Jul 28 2016

    But the VCP is not detected and no COM are created
    If I tray to plug an USB stick or a mouse they are detected correctly

    Doing the same installation on NDCU10 was working fine
    2 com are created (COM4 and COM5)

    Could you give me some advice or check if this driver is working on NETDCUA5 ?

    Thanks & regards

    I have migrated from NDCU10 to NDCUA5 and now I would like to use the SPI on pin 2,3,4,6
    When I read the documentation of the NSPI driver it is mentionned that it can be use in combination with the GPIO SPI driver
    Do you provide such GPIO SPI driver?
    Thanks & regards